Finding that perfect balance between price & quality 

Before you start looking for your perfect wedding-photographer-match, it`s good to take some time and talk through whats important for you both, and what budget you are planning to set for the photos of your big day. And while doing that, I would just want to suggest to you, that out of all the things you spend money on for your wedding day, most of them will just be for that one particular day, and then they will be gone. But the wedding photos you spend money on, to capture all of it, along with your videography, will be the one thing remaining efter the big day to remind you of all the little details, the moments, and the beauty of your very special day.

I may be very biased here, but I know for myself, that making sure someone is capturing that day well is going to be very high on my own priority-list when its time for me to walk down the aisle. I haven’t personally goten married yet, but when I do, finding the right photographer is going to be my first and most important choice, and if I had to cut back on money to spend somewhere, it wouldn’t be on this. But this is all a matter of personal choice and priorities, and after all this is Your day. I would just suggest that you talk through whats important to you both in this balancing act of quality vs. price.

Ask yourself what kind of wedding-photos you love to look at 

Once you’ve determined your price range and how important your wedding photos are, its time to start the search for inspiration. Spend some time online, on pinterest or instagram or whatever platform you feel comfortable with, and search for wedding photos. Then ask yourself what kind of photos you feel most drawn to. Are there some common denominators in them that you tend to like more, or less? Do you love the light and pastel-colored images you find, or are you more drawn to the darker more dramatic look? What expressions captured on the bride and bridegroom do you love to see, and imagine your own photos to be like on your day? Do you love the candid and more natural looking shots, or do prefer the photos that are more posed? Do you love pictures when the couple is walking, or maybe laughing? Or do you find yourself just adoring images of the bride and groom sharing a lot of intimate, peaceful, sweet and caressing moments? Take note of these things, and keep that in the back of your mind as you continue your search for Your wedding photographer. As you start looking through different photographers portfolios, pay attention to these things.. Is the photographer taking the kind of images you love? Are they photographing in a style that you like? Is this style consistent, or do they have some photos your really like and some you don’t like at all? As much as its possible, try to find someone who as much as possible seems to capture those kind of images that you like to look at. The quality of the photographers portfolio will give you a good indication of what your own photos would look like. Cause the fact is, that when it comes to photography, people sometimes think that its the quality of the camera that is the most important. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The most important thing are the eyes and the skills of the photographer behind it to see which moments to capture, and how to portray the couple the best way and to make them shine. Do the photographer you consider for your big day have the eyes you would want your own day to be captured through?

The personal connection & all the practicalities

Once you’ve found a photographer whose style you like, get in touch with them to see if your date is still open. A good tip here is that the earlier you book the better it is. During the busy seasons, especially in summer, which is when most people decide to tie the knot, those times book out fast, so if you wanna ensure you get the photographer you want, make sure you don’t leave this point on your to do list lil last. Chances are that might just add some extra stress for you, and my guess is thats the last thing you need.

Apart from just checking all the practical logistical stuff, contacting your potential photographer also gives you a chance to get a feeling for the kind of person he or she is. This person will be a part of your most important day so far as a couple, so make sure its someone you feel comfortable with. If you want to have photos taken of you getting ready in the morning, is this someone you would feel comfortable with having around you while you put on your dress? Is it a person you would feel safe to get a little bit emotional around? Do they listen to whats important to you?

Once you’ve found the photographer you want to be part of capturing your wedding day, make sure you talk through all the practicalities with them so you are both on the same page and avoid any misunderstandings. And don’t be shy in your communication with your photographer in expressing what kind of images you love and are longing to have taken on your day, or if there is anything you are particularly nervous or anxious for. The more you communicate the better your photographer`s understanding of whats important to you will be, which in the end will just help them to tailor the photo session you will have with them even more.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you find your perfect match when it comes to the wedding photographer for Your big day.

I wish you all the best in your search, and if there is anything I can do for you, click here to contact me.

With Love, Josefine