Anna & Herbert is a young couple that got married at Öland, Sweden in the late summer of 2017 after 4 years of dating. There was no mistaking the excitement of them both as they were getting ready to see each other for the first time. There was also no mistaking in the love they have for each other and how safe and appreciated they make each other feel. It was precious to watch and an honor to get to capture.

Their pictures was taken on and around a beautiful farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere outside of Kalmar, Sweden. We had been very worried for the weather that day but just as they arrived the rain had stopped and we got some really amazing light to work with, and a little bit of wind as well that just always adds a bit of life and fun to the images.

At the end of the shoot the flower girl and ring boys arrived and they were just a bouncy bundle of joy and excitement. As we were trying to take that standard photograph of the weddingcouple with the kids the boys would jump up and down and do funny faces. The idea of a nice and calm little portrait of everyone gathered was not gonna happen, but if you ask me I think its a whole lot more fun to capture people the way they Really are than trying to change them into a pose or something they aren’t, so jumping ring boys for the kids shots just ended up being the perfect representation for this happy group of happy people.

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