Erica & Jeremia got married outside of Växjö, Småland in one of the most spectacular venues I photographed in so far. It was held in the ruin of a fort or a castle, Im not sure which, but it gave the ceremony a great feeling that no normal modern building ever comes close to.

This couple is overflowing of sweetness, and all through the day, although it was Their big day they were always  making sure everyone around them and all the people involved had everything they needed and felt seen, valued and appreciated. They are both interested in photography and Erica actually shoots some weddings too, and you could tell. They both had thought about all those little details you always think about as a photographer, and came well prepared for us to take some stunning shots while they were getting ready in one of the most photogenic old buildings I`ve seen with big windows that enabled us to get both a dramatic but also a soft and very gentle light.

The happiness and love this couple felt with and for eachother made them a complete joy to work with. Not only were they gorgeous (I mean – I didn’t know some angels had red hair, but now I know) but they were both literally just sparkling the whole day. As a wedding photographer trying to capture the feelings and glances and emotions, you couldn’t possibly ask for anything more.

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