Isabelle & Carl got married in a church outside Stockholm, Sweden and wanted to have their photos taken at a location with both a beautiful forest, some ocean views and a great bridge, as well as some oak trees, which was great since the couples new last name actually had the word Oak in it. Before the shoot the couple had been a little worried about not being so used to being in front of a camera, but when the day came they were both just shining of joy and excitement, and I`d say they looked like they never did anything else but be in front of the lens. Isabelle had a beautiful veil, and it always strucks me, the magic that happens when you ask both the bride and the groom to get inside that veil for a moment. It is almost like it creates a separate space for them, where it is just the two of them, and time just kind of stops for a minute or two. Those are some of my absolute favorite moments to capture.

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