Lovisa & Anton got married outside Oskarshamn in Småland, Sweden. Their pictures are taken partly in an area where you have that  picturesque “old swedish countryside”-look which is very typical for the Småland area, with green meadows and wooden fences. They also chose to take some of their photos by the sea which was a couple minutes drive away. The weather report had said it was going to be raining that day, and you could see the sky was getting a bit darker, but we were Just done before the rain started sprinkling (to later be pouring). The slightly heavy skies gave us an amazing light during the shoot by the sea that I couldn’t possibly have been happier with. As for Anton and Lovisa, they were just the sweetest couple, and you couldn’t mistake their love and admiration for each other- they were both just glowing as soon as they looked at each other-which they did a lot, and that is just my absolute joy and privilege to be able to capture those moments.

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