This photo-session is very special to my heart. My dear friend Michelle asked me to come photograph her son JJ who has autism and their little family. While most photo sessions photographing children can sometimes be a challenge cause kids just don’t want to sit still and smile for a picture, this was something I hadn’t done before. I knew JJ was nonverbal and that it was important for me to not try to direct him, but rather I had to take the approach that I just came and joined him on whatever he was doing, and took photos while doing it. So for a couple of hours we went to the playground, we ran around, he climbed trees and went to explore the woods, and I tried my best to just document him in his element as he enjoyed his playtime. And I have to say, this may still be one of my favorite family-shoots of all time. I think it made me realize that its so much more fun to capture kids in their essence, as they are exploring or playing, rather than trying to make them pose for a family photo.

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